How to root HTC One

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How to root HTC One

How to root HTC One


1. An HTC One running Android 4.1.2

2. Android debugging enabled on your One

3. HTC One USB drivers installed with HTC Sync

4. ADB installed with fastboot

5. Windows PC

6. An unlocked bootloader. Download here.

Part I - Setting up your HTC One

1. Connect your HTC One to your PC via USB
3. Download SuperSU Root [File name:] for HTC One to the computer and copy it to your phone.
4. Turn off your HTC One and enter into recovery. Switch on the phone while pressing and holding Volume Up and Power buttons together.

Part II - Rooting your device

1. In the Recovery Mode, using the Volume keys, scroll down to flash zip from SDcard and select it by pressing the power button
2. Select choose zip from SDcard by pressing the Power button once again.
3. Using the Volume keys navigate to the file which is saved on the SD card. Press the Power button to select it and confirm installation on the next screen. The installation wil begin.
4. Once the installation process is completed head back to the first screen and reboot. You will now have root access.



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