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One of the most common reasons people cannot start Outlook is because of Outlook error code 0x800ccc0e “Unable to connect to server”. There are many possible causes to this problem, but here is a solution set that I have compiled for your convenience. Try to follow these solutions in chronological order, as they go down in odds of solving your problem as this article progresses.

How to fix 0x800ccc0e:

Solution 1:

Check your Outlook settings and make sure the servers (pop3 / imap) have the correct information entered in them. For example: sometimes your username is the entire email address with the @ sign, not just the username itself. Once you have verified with your email providers settings that you have the correct settings, you can try to connect again. If this problem still persists:

Solution 2:

A possibility is that the port that outlook uses to speak to the server is blocked either through imap or pop3. In this case, you will continue to recieve the error unless you fix this issue. To see if the port is blocked:

Incoming mail port 110

  1. Press the start Button, then run type: “telnet <incoming server name> 110″ and then press enter to run the command.
  2. Type: “USER” // the windows should say +OK
  3. Type: “PASS examplepassword” // it should once again return +OK

If at any time you get // -ERR authorization failed // it could be that you have a corrupt username or password, in which case you will need to contact your provider to change the password or make sure the username is still working. If you did not get this error message: Make sure your outlook settings are correct, once again, and then proceed if your error persists:

Outgoing maiil port 25

  1. start and then run. type: “telnet <outgoing server name> 25″ and then enter to test the outgoing server.
  2. If it returns // 220 ESMTP, your connection was successful, and therefore there must be a problem with your Outlook itself.

If you receive // connection refused // or some sort of error message along those lines, you may have a blocked port on your computer. Call your ISP, and ask them to help you unblock port 25 in the firewall. They will likely refuse, in which case you will need to use their smtp server instead of the one you are using now, which you can get from their IT department.

List of providers that generally have this SMTP problem:

  • ATT WorldNet
  • Earthlink
  • MSN
  • Mindspring
  • Sympatico
  • Bellsouth

If you do have your own firewall, you can configure the firewall to allow port number 25 to be open, and this will likely solve your issue you are facing.

Alternate Solution:

One common cause to this error, or more specifically: Outlook Express POP3, Error 0x800ccc0e, Socket Error 10061 is a conflict between Norton Antivirus and Outlook Express. To solve that issue, you will need to have a specific fix based on the version of Norton Antivirus you are using.






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