7 Tricks For Faster Photoshop

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7 Tricks For Faster Photoshop



Here 7 Tricks For Faster Photoshop and it really works tested myself.

Note: Make the Following Settings with No File Opened.

Edit-Preferences-File Handling

  • Set Never Save for Image Previews (The Temp file created by Photoshop will be Less Loaded)
  • Set Use Lower Case for file Extensions
  • Deselect Enable Version Cue (If you use it leave it as it is)


  • Set History States to a bigger number so you can undo even from the start (I kept it at 1000)
  • Set Cache Levels to 1 to speed up Photoshop
  • Select another Scratch Disk besides the standard one at Scratch Disks – Photoshop usually creates big files on the scratch disks
  • Select Enable 3D Acceleration for faster performance

Hope they all works fine .


Tut` by XForce!


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