Any bootable ISO to USB flash

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Any bootable ISO to USB flash



I've tested it with Hirens Boot CD ISO, and with my customized Windows 7 ISO



How it works?

Well, it can't be any easier than this. If you want Windows, first you must make ISO image, but we all know how they come as ISO already
You select ISO from your HDD, set USB drive, click OK, and wait....
That's all, once it's finished, you can boot from your USB, as long as your motherboard on your PC supports it.

No tons of different tools, no need for floppy drive, no weird games.
you can have your Linux distro, Windows, Acronis bootable backup, Hirens Tools or anything that is bootable right on your Flash.

If you need to find out more, here's a link:


Btw, It's a freeware, and open source.

However, It is necessary to format USB with this tool every time you switch from distro.


Set it on FAT, and Full format.

Also, it might take some time till all files copy to your USB, if you are going with DVD images, like windows.


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