Create A Peel Away Effect On Your Blog / Website

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Create A Peel Away Effect On Your Blog / Website


Create A Peel Away Effect On Your Blog / Website



1. Download required files

Download (Alternative – Download), extract it. Your peel/ folder should contain these following files:

  • large.swf
  • large.jpg
  • small.swf
  • small.jpg
  • peel.js

Plan where you should upload this folder at later stage. For WordPress users, you are suggested to upload peel/ inside wp-content/themes/your_current_theme/. Fow now, let’s fire up your favorite text and image editor.

2. Edit peel.js

Open peel.js with your favorite text editor. Change these following settings:

  1. jaaspeel.ad_url – URL you intend to point to.
  2. jaaspeel.small_path – Path to small.swf
  3. jaaspeel.small_image – Path to small.jpg
  4. jaaspeel.big_path – Path to large.swf
  5. jaaspeel.big_image – Path to large.jpg

Here’s an example, assuming the domain is and I’m pointing it to

  1. jaaspeel.ad_url = escape('');  
  2. jaaspeel.small_path = '';  
  3. jaaspeel.small_image = escape('');  
  4. jaaspeel.big_path = '';  
  5. jaaspeel.big_image = escape('');  

3. Edit the images

  • small.jpg – The small background visitors see before content behind gets revealed. Edit if you’d like to match it with your background.
  • large.jpg – What visitors will see after pointing their mouse to ‘peel the page off’. This is the image you’ll want to edit.

Both flash files, small.swf and large.swf can be left un-touch.

4. Upload files

Upload the entire peel/ folder to via FTP your web account. Make sure it matches with the settings you’ve entered earlier in Step 2.

5. Add javascript in header

Add the following javascript after <title> before </head>.

<script src="<strong></strong>" type="text/javascript"></script>  

You are done! Refresh the website and you should notice a peel away effect on the top right corner of your site.




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