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So we have Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver and a lots and loads of software people die for. CHIP has given away software trials for some really great software! I would have wished to run them forever! What to do? I do not have thousands to spend on software and when they are so many and such great ones?

Do not worry. There is an elegant, simple and LEGAL way to run your software trials for as long yu wish. Now of course nothing comes for free so you will have to pay it with some time after the software expires each time.

Actually what you need to do is:

1> Install a virtualizer. A very good and free virtualizer is VirtualBox. (Google for it)

2> Now after installation, take a snapshot of the Virtual Machine on which it is installed. Make sure that the software trial you want to use for long is NOT INSTALLED at that time.

3> INstall the software trial in the virtual machine.

4> When the software trial period expires, Just save the files you created by that software onto the REAL SYSTEM (not the virtual machine).

5> Revert back to the snapshot you had taken in the beginning. You will see that the software is not present in the virtual machine. Actually it is the same state of the mahine when its snapshot was saved.

6> Now install the software once again and transfer the software files (the one you has created prevously) into the virtual machine.

You can repeat the above process and make the TRIAL software work forever! Juts that you have to reainstall the software each time it expires.

In this way, you are not using any cracks, are not in the danger of violating any policies and free of any malware and viruses it might have come with (if any)!


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