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PsychoStats version 3.x is very easy and quick to install on any system. It includes an online installation wizard that you run through your browser. Follow these simple steps and you'll be up and running in no time. This documentation is for VERSION 3.x. All documentation for version 2.x is gone. Upgrade to v3 as support for v2 is depreciated. People are often very confused about how PsychoStats actually works. PsychoStats is software that relies on other technologies such as a WebServer like Apache and a database server like MySQL. You must be familar with these types of servers in order to use PsychoStats. And you must have access to a web and mysql server.

There are 2 parts to PsychoStats:
- Backend Perl Scripts
The backend takes care of the actual log parsing and updates. This is where the primary "" perl script is run to fetch, parse and record log data from the game server(s) into the database.
Note: The system that runs these updates (Windows or Linux) is what defines which archive you should download a nd install.
- Frontend PHP Website
The frontend takes care of the interface that the user actually see's and interacts with. This is a set of PHP pages that interact with the same database as the backend so users can view the stats online.

Minimum Requirements

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