3D Grunge Text Tutorial With Illustrator and Photoshop

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3D Grunge Text Tutorial With Illustrator and Photoshop


In this tutorial you will learn how to create 3D Grunge Text on Illustrator and Photoshop, I’ve used CS5 for both but you can do this tutorial in CS3 and CS4


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Step01 – Illustrator

Required Files: Weathered TextureDol Guldur texturekilogram font

Create new document in adobe illustrator, use the font kilogram and type “Graphic Design”, and keep every word in single line, play with the font size and spaces to make it look like rectangle, or follow the following settings.

Step 02

Select the text by the Selection Tool and  press right click on the mouse, from the listed menu select create outline ,  keep selecting the text and choose from the menu Filters>>3D>>Extrude & Bevel and set the following settings:

Step 03

Select the 3D Objects and choose Object >> Expand Appearance from the menu.

Step 04

Now Ungroup the 3D objects by hit Ctrl+Shift+G many times on the keyboard to ungroup every part, double click on the Magic Wand Tool to open the magic wand pallet and set the value of the Tolerance “0″ by the magic wand tool select the upper part, and group it Ctrl+G and move it up then select below parts and group them.

Step 05 – Photoshop

Create new document with size 1024*700.

Step 06

load the texture “Weathered Texture” and re-size it to fit the file size and make the Fill opacity 65%, and  rename the layer to BG.

Step 07

load the texture “Dol Guldur texture ” also re-size to fit all the file size and make the Fill opacity 40% and the blend mode: Color Burn, and rename the layer to BG02

Step 08

Drag the 3d text from Illustrator to Photoshop, and keep in mind drag the upper part by it self and the below part by it self. and place them as Vector Smart Object, now select the two layers and re-size them to any size you like to work on,

Step 09

Close this two shapes to each others an rename the lighter shape layer to Upper Part and the darker shape layer Below Part.

Step 10

Duplicate the the BG02 and clear the layer style by set the Fill Opacity 100% and the blend mode: normal, also decrease the size about 60% and move it to above of Upper part  layer then press Ctrl + left click on the Upper part layer to make the selection.

Step 11

Select the BG02 copy and click on the Layer mask  on the layers pallet, also hide the Upper part layer.

Step 12

Repeat the previous  step on the Below part layer, but here we need to add some layer styles select the layer BG copy3 and select Layer>> Layer style>> Drop shadow.

Select the Gradient Overlay set the below settings and click on the gradient to open the Gradient Editor.

Step 13

Create new layer and fill it with black color and the opacity 60%, and select the Erase tool with size 700px and Opacity 30%, then start erase from the center of the black layer.

Step 14

Duplicate the Upper part layer and show it, then make the fill opacity 0% and add color overlay from layer>> layer style>> Color overlay, and set the color Black and the opacity 60%, now keep selecting the duplicated layer and hit Ctrl + T to transform the layer.

Step 15

Duplicate the Upper part again and follow previous step and change the opacity on the color overlay to 30%, and apply the Gaussian Blur and set the radios 2px.




 Download the PSD file


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