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Opencart Imei Unlock

Opencart modified for imei unlock services

Opencart Imei Unlock


 - Major Changes - 

  • Custom template optimized for online imei unlock services - Example - Example unlock service
  • Fast user registration (Username. Email and Password) - Example - [email me if u want only this mod for your opencart]
  • Interactiv client dashboard - Example - [email me if u want only this mod for your opencart]
  • Live search Example 1 - Example 2 - [email me if u want only this mod for your opencart]
  • Custom login page Example - [email me if u want only this mod for your opencart]
  • Custom place command page. Example
  • Fast checkout
  • Modal window on product page with service specification Example
  • Admin product/service fast add (Removed unuseful fields) Example 1 - Example 2

 - Other changes - 

  • On service page, imei input form limited to max 15 chars and only numeric.
  • Bootstrap page loading.
  • Unused input forms canceled from Admin dashboard and frontend. 
  • On product page added specific carrier logo.
  • U can change fonts from main page table.
  • Nice header & footer menu.
View Demo - User
User: demo@demo.com
Password: demo
Or you can create a new account. Register with valid email.


- FAQ - 

1. This is final version?
No, is not final version. Still work on this so if u find bugs/errors,  please notify me.
2. API for DHRU?
Not yet. I'm not a guru on php/css/java, i'm a newbie and i have only 2 speeds, slow and very slow   wink
3. How can i buy this?
I don't sell Opencart CMS. If u want to use this u must pay for my modifications/my time.
4. How can i manage clients commands?
Please, watch this.
5. How can i add new service?
Please, watch this.
6. If i buy this mods, i get full support?
Sure, Skype, YM, Email.
7. I bought this module through paypal but i have no response from you.
Please be patient and alow me 2-3 hours to get in front of my computer. 
8. I want my money back.
Sorry, no refunds after u get this mods. 
7. Buy methods
Only paypal.

- Prices -

1. All mods, complete modifications for online unlocking services - 50 USD negotiable.
2. Opencart Mod: Fast user registration (Username. Email and Password) - Example - 10 USD + PayPal fees.
3. Opencart Mod: Interactiv client dashboard - Example - 25 USD + PayPal fees.
4. Opencart Mod: Live search Example 1 - Example 2  - 10 USD + PayPal fees.
5. Opencart Mod: Custom login page Example - 5 USD + PayPal fees.


Skype: rounlock - YM: rounlock - Email: rounlock@yahoo.com