HTC One - Tips and Tricks

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HTC One - Tips and Tricks

HTC One - Tips and Tricks

HTC's One is a true beast of a handset. With a 4.7-inch, 1080p screen and an innovative 4-ultrapixel camera, the HTC One really leaves little to be desired. While it already comes powered by Google's fantastic mobile OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, we want to show you our favorite tips and tricks to help you make the most of it.

After taking a look at our list you'll be an HTC One pro. For the full break-down and all our tips and tricks, read on for more. This list will have you rocking and rolling in no time.

Save power with Sleep Mode

If you don’t want to worry about having to charge your device constantly, save power by enabling Sleep Mode when it’s not in use. Sleep Mode will automatically switch off 3G connectivity once your phone has been inactive for a period of time. While it may not seem like much, this can actually save you a ton of power. Enable Sleep Mode on your Galaxy S4 by going to Settings > Power > Sleep Mode.

Snap lively shots with HTC’s Zoe

The HTC One comes with a little something called Zoe. While Zoe might sound like a cute, quirky actress currently starring in Fox’s New Girl, it’s actually a new camera feature. Zoe lets you capture a few seconds of video and 20 different images to help bring your photos to life. To enable Zoe mode, tap the camera icon (located on the left-middle side of your screen). You’ll be able to easily tell when you’re capturing a shot with Zoe, because the camera icon will slowly change color as it’s in progress.

How to tweak your HTC One apps menu

If you don’t like the way your HTC One app menu is organized, you can customize it to suit your tastes. By default, the HTC One displays three app icons in each row, but if you want to maximize on space, you can actually add a fourth to each row. In order to do this, simply access the app menu Settings bar. Once there, you should see an option for grid size; the drop-down menu to the left will give you more options for app organization.

How to factory reset your HTC One

1. Tap Settings.
2. Tap Backup & reset.
3. Select Reset phone.
4. You will see a warning – read it and tap Erase all data.
That's it. Your HTC One will now reboot.

To reset your HTC One through its hardwarebuttons:

Turn off your HTC One
With the device turned off, press and hold the Volume Down key.
While both the Volume Down key held down, press the Power button.
As soon as the phone boots up, release all buttons.
Scroll and select wipe data/factory reset by pressing the Volume Down key. Then press the Power button.
Next, select Yes – delete all user data by pressing the Volume Down key. Then press the Power button.
As soon as the wipe has been completed, press the Volume Down key to scroll to and select wipe cache.
Next, press the Power button to select reboot system now.
Your device will reboot into factory condition.

How to take a screenshot on the HTC One

Taking a screenshot on the HTC One is easy. Hold down the power button and Home for about two seconds. The screen will flash and the screenshot will be saved to your gallery app.

How to multitask on the HTC One

To multitask on your HTC One, double click the home button. This should bring up several windows, which represent apps. To close any of the apps, swipe the window away.

How to manage your data on the HTC One

The One might be great for surfing and watching videos, but don't forget you have a data cap. To set up limit notifications, go into Settings, tap Data usage and then check the box that says "Set mobile data limit." Here you have full control over your data. This can come in handy if you have just a 2GB data cap.

How to switch on Wi-Fi Direct on the HTC One

Wi-Fi Direct lets you send pictures, images, and really any file to to other Wi-Fi Direct devices without Wi-Fi. The feature is pretty awesome. To turn on Wi-Fi direct on your HTC One, go into Settings, more Settings, scroll down to the Wi-Fi Direct column and then slide it on. You can now sync up with another smartphone

How to set up Android Beam on the HTC One

The HTC One is an NFC-enabled smartphone that lets you quickly transfer content to other NFC Android devices with Android Beam. To turn on NFC, go into Settings, more Settings and then tap Android Beam. You'll be given instructions on how to use it and it will be active once you slide it to on.

How to switch your ringtone on the HTC One

If you're a bit bored with your default ringtone on the One, you can change it. Go to Settings, then Sound and you will be able to switch your ringtone there.

How to set up Microsoft Exchange email on the HTC One

1. From the home screen, select All Apps.
2. Next, select Mail.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions and select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
4. Enter the appropriate email address and password, then select Next.
5. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields: Domain/Username, Password and Server.
6. Ensure the following settings are configured as appropriate, then select Next.
7. From the Inbox checking frequency field, select the current setting.
8. From the Days to Sync field, select the current setting.
9. Tap Finish setup.

How to add widgets to your home screen on your HTC One

While adding widgets hasn't always been easy, with Android 4.1 users are now able to add them quickly. Simply go to your app drawer and swipe over the widgets. Next, hold on the desired widget and drag it to the home screen.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on the HTC One

Wi-Fi is one of those things you just have to have in this day in age. It can speed up downloads and maybe even save you money. To turn on Wi-Fi on your HTC One, head to Settings, Wi-Fi, then turn the Wi-Fi switch to on. You will now be able to search for and log in to your favorite network

How to activate Google Now on your HTC One

If you like Google, you'll love Google Now. To activate it, simply tap on the Google icon in the app drawer. If you're not familiar with Google Now, you should know that it came with the Android Jelly Bean update and it tries to deliver information to you before you need to search for it. It utilizes the data you've given it to make context and location-centric alerts.

How to set up Blinkfeed on your HTC One

Wake and unlock your HTC One.
On the home screen you'll see some blue boxes asking you to "get the latest news that matters" or "connect and share with people from all your social networks." Tap on one.
You will now be given the option to add news or social network feeds. Choose what interests you.
That's it. The feeds will automatically be added to BlinkFeed. (See, we told you it was easy!)

How to remove BlinkFeed

Don’t dig BlinkFeed as much as you thought you would? While it’s a pretty solid feature, it’s not for everyone. Thankfully, it's easy to replace with the home screen of your choice. To remove BlinkFeed as your home screen, simply tap on the options icon and select “Customize Home Screen.” From there, you should see smaller versions of your homescreens at the top. First, find the one you want. Now, tap and hold it and drag it to where it says “Set as Home.” (You also have the option to add new home screen panels in this place.)

How to get social with your HTC One
Can't live without constantly checking your social networks? Neither can we. Download these top social apps and you'll never be bored.

Facebook: Facebook for Android is simply one of the best apps out there, and for many people it's a necessity. You can get the Facebook app here in Google Play. It should be noted that Facebook also has its own customized version of Android now, known as Facebook Home, which can also be found in the Google Play Store. Currently, Facebook Home is exclusive to select devices including the HTC One, HTC First and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, among others.

Twitter: Like Facebook, Twitter is also a necessity for any social networking-junkie. The micro-blogging site is your one-stop shop for keeping up with breaking news, conversing with friends (and meeting new ones). Twitter even recently added a music component to its network, so now you can track what your friends are listening and easily discover new songs, albums and artists. Twitter can be found here.

Instagram: This list wouldn't be complete without the motherload of photo-sharing apps: Instagram. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram lets you snap photos, edit them with a list of funky filters and then share them with your followers. You'll also notice Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can share your shots with a larger audience. To download the Instagram app on your One, head to Google Play, tap the search icon and type Instagram. Tap on the app once it pops up and then you can install it.

How to take HDR photos with your HTC One

To start snapping high-quality, HDR photos on your HTC One, just follow the easy steps below:
From the HTC One home screen, open the camera app.
On the viewfinder screen tap the settings symbol on the left.
Tap HDR in the camera mode list that pops up.
When you're ready to take the first shot, tap the camera icon. Your One will take three shots extremely quickly.
These images will the be merged into a single, high-quality HDR photo, one that isn't under or over-exposed


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