How to get back the Old Yahoo Mail

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How to get back the Old Yahoo Mail


How to get back the Old Yahoo Mail




Yahoo Says:



We have removed the "Return to Original Mail" link from the help menu as we're strongly encouraging all users to migrate to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail. We will continue to invest heavily in the latest version of Yahoo! Mail, further improving it and delivering more compelling features to our users.
We know that changing to a new interface can seem daunting, so we’ve done everything possible to make the transition easy. We have created help pages specifically for users who have recently switched to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail, highlighting differences that you may notice:
We hope you’ll give this new version a try. It’s our fastest version of Yahoo! Mail yet, with improved protection against spam and advanced features like in-line photos and videos.



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  • Date: 21-06-2011, 16:45
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m ¦ 27 June 2011 11:26

I have no intention of keeping yahoo. If they really think this new version is faster than the old one, they have gone crazy. That's exactly the reason I went looking for the old version, because this new 'fastest version' is so SLOW. Goodbye yahoo, hello Google.


Nishant ¦ 27 June 2011 11:41

Totally Agree with u buddy, How can they force us to use a new version when we not comfortable with....
And this new version is really too slow, sometime hangs too.
and there is no any option to return on Older version.


ederviss ¦ 27 June 2011 12:37

disagree with the new yahoo mail service but is a free service. no one pays anything


Kelly ¦ 28 June 2011 22:00

I love the new yahoo but my computer isnt compatable with it so I really need the old one back


John ¦ 1 July 2011 04:40

how to switch back to the old yahoo mail? Yahoo 7 is not so great


KD ¦ 14 July 2011 05:37

i want the old Yahoo back....the new gives me an error everytime I try to open an email


nginla ¦ 14 July 2011 21:10

I just switched to the new version today thinking, great, it'll be faster! Nope. Super. Slow. Frustrating!!! I counted the time it took to load a new e-mail (as you scroll down in your inbox) and sometimes it takes up to 15 seconds to show you the contents of the message.


Nazia shariff ¦ 16 July 2011 12:18

I want to go back to my old yahoo version plz help

I want to go back to my old yahoo version plz help


VS ¦ 17 July 2011 04:52

New interface is too slow. Too graphic heavy. Now no way to go back. Very sad.


Andreik ¦ 21 July 2011 03:39

And my Yahoo Messanger got lost too with this new one!. Pathetic. In the old version I can view the contents of the Email without having a new "tab". In the new version, it automatically brings you to another "tab" to view the Email.

I'm referring to the Yahoo! Messanger embedded within the Yahoo! Mail itself.

Messenger I mean.


River Cree ¦ 21 July 2011 03:56

The new version really Andreik, I loved Yahoo Mail for its work-tab style chat windows, the new Flash chat boxes feel so yesterday, they have digressed a huge step. I had successfully reverted back to the previous version of Yahoo Mail by changing screen resolution, disabling scripts...but today, the upgrade was forced down your throat, Yahoo has lost its class!


iain bonner ¦ 21 July 2011 05:34

agree with River Cree

don't like these messenger boxes at all, clunky and not user friendly. the old tabs were fine and did the job well.

also when i have many tabs open in my safari window it no longer displays number of unread mails in the tab, so i have to open it all the time to see. i think mail providers just need to keep it simple... so i don't like and i want to go back because this is not working for me.. but there is no option...


John ¦ 24 July 2011 16:36

Whats with the new chat window you get this little screen and cant even see what you are writing??? The new version is crap!!!!!


rocketmouse ¦ 25 July 2011 04:20

No more option to turn back, but TURN OFF JAVA, then turn it back on when the old style yahoo mail is there. You'll have to look for how to turn off Java depending on what browser you use. A Google search should give you the answer. I never could figure out how to thank the person who suggested to turn off all Java in the first place so my next best solution is to "pass it forward." Evidently this works in Windows as per the original answer, but it ALSO WORKS IN OS X (on a Mac.)


Eish ¦ 26 July 2011 15:56

HATE HATE haaaate!!!! This new Yahoo.. Its so cluttery and not user friendly at all. think its time to move to other providers. Why force us to use something we dont enjoy?


Marcella ¦ 29 July 2011 20:19

Wow, Yahoo!
I see a lot of complaints with the new version; have you stopped caring about what the users want? WE DON'T LIKE THE NEW VERSION; IT IS AWFUL TO USE! DO YOU HEAR US NOW!


Fistful_Of_Teeth ¦ 8 August 2011 00:02

Now that Yahoo have disabled the option to opt out of Mail Beta, this becomes a bit trickier, but take heart – there is still a workaround.

1. Set your screen resolution to the lowest possible setting.
2. Try to log into Yahoo Mail beta
3. You will be given an option to go back to the Classic setting, either as a one-off, or permanently. Click �permanently’.
4. Bingo, you’re back to Classic. Re-set your screen resolution to its normal setting, and away you go.

Although Yahoo keep trying to force users to opt into their new all singing all dancing set-up (which keeps crashing my version of Firefox), and makes it sound like everyone will *have* to switch, this is not the case – they have said that they will continue to support Classic for the foreseeable future. They’re just going to make it hard for you…

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crystal ¦ 10 August 2011 23:02

I hate the new yahoo!!!


Kot ¦ 16 August 2011 17:05

ALl you mentioned doesn't work anymore. Here is what works.

Log in every time with this (official) link and you’ll use previous Yahoo every time:

Thanks to guy who posted this link! Works for me perfectly! You could bookmark this link to make it easier. If you use Opera, put it in Speed Dial.


Jeffery ¦ 14 January 2017 03:56

Damn it! The newer version of yahoo mail can't even work at all. Technical problems! It keeps on showing errors! The older version of classic yahoo mail is really much more better than the newer version. I wrote the problems to yahoo, but they can't even fix the technical problems, and what's more, they want to encourage people to use the latest version which is the fastest. That's totally bullshit!